Details is a licensed interior design firm.  Aside from inspiring our clients and providing budget driven designs that meet our client’s requirements, we are qualified to:
  • Provide interior architecture, i.e., architectural elements for walls/ceilings.  (Envelope, fenestration and load bearing issues must be coordinated with an architect and engineer.)
  • Prepare schematic “as-built” plans, space planning, kitchen and bath design, casework design, finish selections
  • Lighting design, (Photo metrics must be provided by a lighting engineer)
  • Specifications for furniture, window treatments, fixtures, floor and wall coverings


  • Design and write specifications for contract interiors.
  • Provide and install FF&E to clients any where in the continental US
  • Provide digital documentation of drawings and specifications
  • Provide schematic plan design to meet the client’s requirements, designing the space from the inside out to provide the architect with the client’s concept of livability
US Motor Unit Slush-Cast Toy

A cast from the past.

Toys aren't made in a cultural vacuum. They reflect the historic context in which they're created.

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