…a comfortable collaboration.

You’ll hear us say this over and over again, because we really mean it.

…a dialogue.

Before we whip out the tape measure and spreadsheet, let’s chat about how you live and what you love about your space; what you’ve seen elsewhere that’s inspired you. Favorite colors, favorite places, your prize possessions. And things you can’t wait to get rid of. 

…a relationship.

It touches on passion and lifestyle and heart. We’re here to challenge your expectations so you can make informed decisions that lead to inspired results. Like all relationships, sometimes it takes a leap of faith.

…not couples counseling.

You have strong opinions and so does your partner. (And frankly, so do we.) Here’s one thing we’ve learned over three decades of experience: When working with couples, we’re potentially working for three. Each of you individually, and both of you collectively. That can get confusing for all of us. To move ahead as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to decide who’s the point person. 

…aspiration tempered by reality.

In your travels or even in magazines you’ve no doubt seen some amazing examples of excellent design. But you probably haven’t seen the bill. Whether we’re designing a multi-million dollar home or furnishing a single room, we believe in budget based design and value engineering. All we ask is that you want what you can afford and can afford what you want. 

...your little secret.

We’re in a business that lives and dies by word of mouth. Yet we won’t reveal your name without your permission. But please, if you’re happy with our work, tell your friends. If you’re dissatisfied, tell us.

…a boutique design firm.

We’re a four-person team that takes on only one or two projects at a time. There’s no B-team; there’s only us, with more than 90 years of collective design experience to devote to you.

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Inspiration takes discipline. The list below will keep the creative conversation humming along. It’s the most efficient way to get the results you’re expecting.

Phase 1: Sharing your vision

In this phase we’re all ears. Tell us what you’re looking for. What are your priorities, your expectations, your vision? Maybe you’re not sure. To help you along, here are some thoughts to kick off the conversation:

  • What style do you generally like? Traditional? Mid-century? Eclectic? Undecided?
  • How do you use your living space? Where do you dine, watch TV, entertain? 
  • Is this new construction or remodeling? One room or whole house?
  • What are your special interests?
  • Do you have an architect?
  • Do you have any allergies or special needs?

We believe in the team approach to interior design. We’re happy to coordinate with your architect or landscape architect, discuss ideas and redline plans to assure a consistent, harmonious design vision for your home, inside and out. 

Phase 2: Tape-measure time

Here we develop a bird’s-eye-view, ¼-inch scale plan of your space as you’d like it to be. This is no time to let your eyes glaze over; we’ll need your full attention to make sure we’re understanding each other. These aren’t finished documents, just an indication of your options. Since every choice you make will have implications at the design phase, we’ll help you make decisions that keep true to your vision. Sometime's compromises have to be made; our job is to minimize them. 

Phase 3: Romancing the home

This is where we transform your house into a home by infusing romance, emotion, and personality. Together we’ll select finishes, lighting, wall covering, tile, color, and everything else to create your exciting, customized living space. Let the fun begin!

Phase 4: Getting it on paper

Once you’ve approved the design, we’ll create all the drawings and specifications. Your general contractor will rely on these to assure a high level of quality and craftsmanship. 

Phase 5: The nuts and bolts

Now it’s time to select your general contractor. We’re  here to help you interview general contractor candidates and answer questions about our drawings and specs. And if a general contractor has suggestions for value-engineering our plans – we’re happy to hear them. It’s all about a comfortable collaboration, remember?

Phase 6: Almost home

Let’s face it: not everything unfolds as smoothly as we might wish. Interior design is a machine with a million moving parts, and sometimes instructions get misinterpreted, materials aren’t as expected, or whatever. When it happens it threatens to make our comfortable collaboration a little less comfortable. Fear not. We won’t abandon you. In fact, we have a reputation of being pit bulls if we believe our client is not getting the quality and value they’re expecting and paying for. We aren’t in the business of supervising general contractors, but if you’d like our assistance with quality control, we’ll gladly work with you and the general contractor to make sure nothing compromises the integrity of the design you approved.

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