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Found Objects is our curated collection of — you guessed it — found objects.

We wander far and wide gathering antique furniture, accessories, textiles, industrial objects, architectural fragments, and about anything else we feel has a presence, is useful, and is a good value.

To maintain a high level of quality and taste, we make a concerted effort to minimize mass produced merchandise in our dynamic collection, which changes almost daily.


Small Spaces

Small Spaces

Distinction Magazine, February 16, 2014

We were very fortunate, after nearly ten years of struggle, to develop and build the first mixed-use building for our interior design studio and antiques shop in Virginia Beach’s ViBe Creative District.

The bottom floor is Found Objects, our antiques shop; the second floor is our interior design studio, Details; and the top floor has two residential flats.  The flats feature very efficient use of small space; one is a 440-square-foot studio, and the other is a two-bedroom/two-bath apartment of 1140 square feet.

The larger of the two flats was featured in the spring, 2014 issue of Hampton Roads’ Distinction Magazine, in an article called “Small Spaces.”  

Please find the entire article here »

Image credit: Distinction Magazine

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