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Found Objects is our curated collection of — you guessed it — found objects.

We wander far and wide gathering antique furniture, accessories, textiles, industrial objects, architectural fragments, and about anything else we feel has a presence, is useful, and is a good value.

To maintain a high level of quality and taste, we make a concerted effort to minimize mass produced merchandise in our dynamic collection, which changes almost daily.


Pop Pu Yi meets Kitschy Chairman Mao

Pop Pu Yi meets Kitschy Chairman Mao

We were in Los Angles for an Urban Land Institute meeting and found ourselves in Chinatown.

We were fascinated by the pop art portrait of Henry Pu Yi, the last of the Manchu Emperors, by the French artist Fabienne Jouvin.  We purchased the three colorways.

Subsequently, we were in an Asian antique shop elsewhere.  In the back room, high on a shelf and covered in dust was the white shungite bust of Chairman Mao.
How could we resist High Kitsch Mao?  When we run into iconic representations of historical figures it’s hard to pass them up.  So we don’t.
It is not our place to judge the contributions of these two men but it’s hard not to miss the irony of these two found objects.

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