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Found Objects is our curated collection of — you guessed it — found objects.

We wander far and wide gathering antique furniture, accessories, textiles, industrial objects, architectural fragments, and about anything else we feel has a presence, is useful, and is a good value.

To maintain a high level of quality and taste, we make a concerted effort to minimize mass produced merchandise in our dynamic collection, which changes almost daily.


Intro to Distinction Video on Vibe The Creative District

Intro to Distinction Video on Vibe The Creative District

I would like to begin this post by thanking the folks at Distinction magazine for their fine work on the article, “It Takes Vision to Create a ViBe.”

I would especially like to thank Mike Hixenbaugh, Eric Lusher, Hyunsoo Léo Kim and EJ Toudt for all the care they took to present the ViBe Creative District to our neighbors.

I know there are many people unhappy with the article.  But there are also a great many members of the District who are thrilled with it. Thanks, guys.

We received a call from Distinction the other day to let us know they had produced a video companion to the ViBe article.  Wow! We did not expect that. Anyway please see the link below.




Image credit: Distinction Magazine

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