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Found Objects is our curated collection of — you guessed it — found objects.

We wander far and wide gathering antique furniture, accessories, textiles, industrial objects, architectural fragments, and about anything else we feel has a presence, is useful, and is a good value.

To maintain a high level of quality and taste, we make a concerted effort to minimize mass produced merchandise in our dynamic collection, which changes almost daily.


“Hands of an Artist, Heart of a Child”

“Hands of an Artist, Heart of a Child”

An Artist’s Abode

Brandon, the little town in Vermont we call home, is known for its community of artists and has been called “The Art and Soul of Vermont.”

Ms. Judith Reilly, one of Brandon’s artists, was featured in the July/August issue of Victoria magazine.  We are very proud of Judy.  You go, girl!!!!

Please click on the link and enjoy the article here »

You can also visit Judy’s website here »

Please visit the Brandon Artists Guild’s website to see what many of Brandon’s other artists are up to.

And if you’re interested in life in our artsy and historic little village, please click here »


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