Stellar Customer Service

Stellar Customer Service

Above and Beyond

You can never gauge a company's integrity until something goes wrong.  How the business handles a problem tells you everything you need to know about it.

In this blog post I'm digressing from my usual Found Objects topics.  Instead, I'm writing this as the president of Details Interior Design, to thank three companies that have provided our design practice and our clients with exemplary customer service. 

They are:

McGuire Furniture »

Meyda Lighting »

Out Design Group »

How many times have we contacted a company about a product's performance, only to be told, "Sorry, that's no longer under warranty" or, “It's X’s fault for the failure, and not a problem with our product"

In our design practice, and also in our private lives, we hear these familiar refrains because so many suppliers find it easier to look for a way out rather than to strive for meaningful resolution. 

The three companies listed here understand that customer service is about more than serving customers.  It's also about building relationships. 

As designers and specifiers, Details Interior Design is a service company.  We live or die by whether our clients are happy with the service we provide.  And, to an extent, that level of service depends on the integrity of the suppliers we use.  Sure, sometimes the client might have unrealistic expectations, or a problem might fall under the realm of the general contractor, but at other times a client might have a legitimate complaint about the performance of an item we specified. 

By providing excellent customer service, the three companies listed here go the extra mile to protect their reputation and Details Interior Design’s reputation, sometimes long after the sale.

On behalf of our clients and the Details team, we thank these businesses for the care and respect they have granted us.

Best Wishes.

Found Objects Ltd.