Silver Plate Urns, Pan American Expo Buffalo, NY 1904

Silver Plate Urns, Pan American Expo Buffalo, NY 1904

Disclosure:  I am addicted to urns.  Sterling, silver plate, iron, whatever!

We have them from 3” to 48”, antique and vintage.  (New iron urns are virtually all from China and not on my picking list.  Does that mean we don’t have any urns from China?  No, probably not; it can be very difficult to determine country of origin, not to mention the age, of a rusted/painted iron urn.)

Now on to our urn find:  In 1901 the city of Buffalo, NY hosted the Pan-American Exposition.  For the occasion Tiffany & Co. created small (4.5”x4”) Georgian, silver plate commemorative urns.*  These urns bear the “beaver” mark and number “0280.“

While searching among 10,000 square feet of cultural detritus in Williamsburg, VA, I spotted these urns at the last minute.  Their scale is unusual and the condition of the silver plating is average to above average.

Really; when was the last time you saw urns of this scale and charm?  If you have one please email me so we can exchange urn photos.  These two objets are now on our floor in Virginia Beach waiting for another urn addict to come in!

Summary: Traditional form, small scale and Tiffany & Co quality.

* “The Beaver Mark” by Mike Burrows, The Finial, June/July 2003, page 1.

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