Santa Fe Place Apartments

Santa Fe Place Apartments

Apartment Finance Today, March 2007

Even though this article was published in March 2007 we are posting it today because the color palette and the site-specific design principles are as fresh now as they were then.

Between 1999 and 2008 we had the pleasure of working with a multifamily client in Philadelphia who owned apartment communities all over the United States. 

We make it a point not to mention our clients by name without their permission.  We have always felt that a client’s privacy is more important than any status we might gain by namedropping.  However, once a community is published the relationship becomes a matter of public record.  

These wonderful people asked us to assist with communities in Little Rock, El Paso, Kansas City, Houston and Albuquerque. 

One of these communities was Santa Fe Place Apartments in El Paso. The community is tucked into the hills very near Franklin Mountains State Park.  A beautiful location with lovely views.

The challenge was that the community was painted the same shade as the hills, almost as if it were designed to be camouflaged rather than to announce its magnificent location.

In order to make the apartment community more noticeable without being jarring or tacky, we designed a site-specific color palette that represented the history and culture of El Paso.  We created a brand spun around the saturated color palette of the Southwest and positioned Santa Fe Place to stand out from the competition.

The client had strong reservations about such bold colors but we assured him that the community would embrace the change.  As the article points out, it did.  

Please read the article from Apartment Finance Today and enjoy the dramatic before-and-after photos.

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