Red Folk Art Caboose

Red Folk Art Caboose

This is another example of a World War II era toy.

It was made entirely by hand with very little metal; the body of the caboose is constructed from a cheese box. It is not a fragment but complete, with wood wheels and metal guardrails on both platforms. (I wrote about these in my earlier “Buddy L Fire Truck Fragment” entry.)

It was carefully crafted for someone’s loved one. When we found it, we were told it was the only remaining piece of an entire handmade train set. Can you imagine the time and care it took to craft an entire train of found materials?

If we had found the entire train I would have been in choo-choo heaven. Still, I’m very grateful just to have the caboose. 

This toy has its original red paint and is a fairly accurate representation of a caboose. Charming for those of us who love trains and toys.

We currently have a number of WWII-era toys of made from cheese boxes and metal spice tins. We even have a series of earlier toy airplanes that I hope to feature in a later blog. The rarest of these toy planes is a complete seaplane, not a fragment. 

Please send us photos of the toys you love and collect.

By the way, as I write this I am on Amtrak train #66 heading north. All aboard!

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