Organ Transplant

Organ Transplant

Music to your eyes.

Last spring our plumber’s wife called to ask if we had any interest in hundreds of old organ pipes she had rescued from a landfill in Orwell, VT.

As usual, I was just sitting around waiting for an opportunity to acquire hundreds of organ pipes that we did not have room to store and no earthly idea what to do with.  But we are always seeking the unusual found object we can repurpose.  

Our curiosity piqued, we drove to Orwell, about 30 minutes from our Vermont shop. We were so amazed at the workmanship, beautiful wood and the sound many of the pipes made that we came back with hundreds of them in need of serious cleaning and waxing. 

I asked our friend how all these pipes found their way to her.  She said she received a desperate call from a friend that an elderly neighbor had passed away and left a couple of barns full of organs and organ pipes.  His estate had sold the property and the buyers wanted it all GONE.  So up came the dumpsters and off it all went to a landfill except for the bit that she rescued.  It’s amazing to us that these relics of worship and this gentleman’s lifelong collection could be so cavalierly disposed of.  But once again, ours is not to judge.   

As soon as I saw them I knew they would make unusual and provocative objects to gang together and hang on a wall. The pipes run in size from a few inches to 10 feet long.  Most are crafted from hardwood but some are lead.  

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