Garland Red Flyer Toy Fragment

Garland Red Flyer Toy Fragment

Moving in place

This toy fragment is a beautiful example of streamlining -- a design element of the late art deco movement whose curving forms celebrate motion and speed.

World War II interrupted the influence of streamlining, but as soon as the war ended the style was revived, extending well into the 50’s.  I love seeing these deco elements used on toys; it gives everyone a chance to enjoy the vibrant streamlined era.  

All that remains of this toy are its pressed steel body, four metal tires and its aged, original red paint job.  Once it was a riding toy dump-truck with a handle, seat and hydraulic dumping mechanism.  Later versions had rubber tires.

Its manufacturer is a mystery.  Some call it Boy Craft Garland; some call it the Garland Red Flyer.  The closest I can come is the Garland Stove Company in Detroit.  We found it in a junk shop in upstate New York and were tickled to see that it had survived the ravages of time and hard use.

We hope you enjoy streamlining’s stylish sense of motion as much as we do.

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