Folk Art Toy Steamroller

Folk Art Toy Steamroller

A recurring theme in our blog posts is our love of folk art and particularly folk art toys. 

This is an especially captivating steamroller we acquired from the private collection of a true Renaissance man, antique collector, photographer and painter: Durwood Zedd.

It is a privilege to know Durwood, his many talents and his gentle ways. Please Google Durwood and introduce yourself to his creative talents.

Now back to the steamroller: circa 1920, made from hardwood with a few metal parts. It’s 14 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 11 inches tall. This example of a handmade/polychrome toy is a marvel of craftsmanship, form, color, and scale. We are proud to have it in Found Objects, Virginia Beach.

Oh, it is for sale. But like I say of many of the items in our collection: “This sh_t ain’t cheap.”  

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