Folk Art of K.G. Worrell, c. 1992

Folk Art of K.G. Worrell, c. 1992

Finding Folk Art

Last fall we visited a town on the Rappahannock River in eastern Virginia; a friend had arranged for us to meet a gentleman there who was said to collect good stuff.

That was an understatement.  This fellow had an amazing collection of, well, nearly everything.  He had collected early 20th century cigar forms, 19th century folk art, lamps, advertising relics, early Chinese building fragments, French garden furniture and industrial tables.  He was a picker's dream come true.

But the surprise find of the day was this collection of folk art toys.  If you went searching for a collection like this you would never find it; it almost has to find you.  And we're glad this collection found us. 

On a shelf above the back door, covered in dust, the toys seemed to have been forgotten.  As we were leaving I looked up and commented on them.  

The gentleman said he had not thought about them in years and – astonishingly – said if we wanted them we could have them.  Well, yes please!  Then he excused himself and returned a few moments later from the garage with two more boxes of toys.

The collection was created by K.G. Worrell, using scraps of wood, wire and metal.  He left virtually no detail wanting. 

This past week we pulled the boxes out of our storage and inventoried, cleaned and photographed the entire collection.

Here are some photos so you can enjoy them, too.

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