Distinction Article: “It Takes Vision to Create a ViBe” Summer 2016

Distinction Article: “It Takes Vision to Create a ViBe” Summer 2016

Mural by Troy Summerell, OnieTonie

An article about the birth of the new ViBe Creative District where we have our interior design practice, Details, and antiques shop, Found Objects

On Sunday, May 15, 2016, the summer issue of Distinction magazine was released.  Distinction is a magazine of “culture, dining & style” that’s sold in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk, Virginia area.  The issue contained a wonderful, enthusiastic article about Virginia Beach’s ViBe Creative District, a new and excitingly artsy area blossoming out of a formerly blighted neighborhood.

Croc’s 19th Street Bistro and Details Interior Design were the first creative businesses to colonize the ‘hood, 20+ years ago and 16 years ago, respectively, when it was still a seedy place to be.  And because we’re seen as pioneers here, Laura Habr of Croc’s and I seem to have become, in effect, the spokespersons for the ViBe.

And believe you, me, we’re grateful for the publicity that our nascent arts district received in the Distinction article.  Of course no article could capture or even touch on every aspect of the story.  Space just doesn’t allow.  At Distinction, as with all independent publications, the editorial board and the publisher determine the scope, tone and content of the articles published.  No one has any editorial control other than these folks.

Would I have liked the section, “Some Other ViBe Destinations,” to include all of the businesses that have been active in the ViBe?   Absolutely!  But since that wasn’t possible, I want to list all the businesses that make the ViBe vibrant.  (If I’ve omitted anyone, please let me know so I can update the list!) 

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who is working to make their ViBe business a success and to bring all of us together.

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Image credit: Distinction Magazine

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